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Description of Land Sailing.

Wind Chaser in the sun and wind

Makes you feel like your flying like a bird!


There are many names for Land Sailors

Yes, many names. But the one that seems to becoming the standard is Land Sailor for our type of product. But they all describe several variations on the same type of vehicle; a wind driven wheeled vehicle with three or four wheels that use a sail of some type.

Our "About Land Sailing" Pages:

What is Land Sailing?
History of Land Sailing
Land Sailing Clubs and Associations
Where to sail your land sailor?

A great recreation opportunity for the whole family.

1. What is Land Sailing?
2. What's in a name?
3. Land Sailing Jargon?

What is Land Sailing?

Land Sailing, whatever name you like to use for the sport, is essentially the same. Wikipedia defines it this way:

"Land sailing is motion across land in a wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail. The term comes from analogy with (water) sailing. It has a variety of names in addition to land sailing, Most commonly Sand Yachting or Land Yachting. A vehicle used in land sailing is often called a land yacht. Historically, land sailing has been used by some cultures as a mode of transportation; in modern times, land sailing is primarily a sport and has been practiced as such mainly since the 1950s. Modern land sailors, generally referred to as "Pilots" can go three to four times faster than the wind speed. A gust of wind is considered more beneficial in a land sailing race than a favorable wind shift.

Land sailing works best in windy, flat areas - taking place mainly on beaches, air fields, and dry lake beds (playas) in desert regions.

Land yachts are three wheeled vehicles which work mainly like usual water boats in the way they are sailed, except they are steered by pedals or hand levers. They are sailed from a lying down position."

Our Wind Chaser™ is the type that is the wind driven go-cart with three wheels, a triangular sail and 3 wheels. But there are others that use the same sort of sail rig that you find on wind surfers. Some even use the type of parachute that sail surfers use to get air borne. But by far and away the most popular today, are the three wheel wind carts like ours that sail just like a boat except that the steering is foot controlled from the front rather than hand controlled at the back like a boat.

To learn more about the history of land sailing click here.

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What's in a name?

First, let's clear up the "naming" of land sailors. Due to the uncoordinated growth and development of the sport, there are many names that can apply.

For the Wind Chaser® style of Land Sailor, which is essentially a 3 wheeled go-cart with a sail, most manufacturers have settled on the term "land sailor". This is often written with no gap as "landsailor" and often spelled "land sailer or landsailer" with an "e".

Land yacht, Wind sailor, Wind cart, Blow cart, Dirt sailor or Dirt boat, even Sand sailor and Sand yacht with all of these often written with no space just to confuse you more.

Then if you want to use them on ice in the winter, like ours, most land sailors can be converted using specially designed blade sets to take the place of the wheels. They then become referred to as Ice sailors, Ice boats, Ice yachts, Ice carts etc. with and without the gaps as well.

But there are often subtle and not so subtle differences in exactly what the names refer to. Ours is a wind driven go-cart. But a land or ice yacht is usually similar but with an actual wood or fiberglass "hull" sort of like a Kayak. But all the other terms generally refer to our kind of land sailor.

Some are made of a pipe frame with stretched fabric seating. Some are made from wood with metal axles. Ours has a molded fiberglass "chassis" which give great support and which holds the front steering and mast gear with two wheel and rear axles that fit into a metal box support at the rear of the main chassis.

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Land Sailing Jargon?

Land Sailor - Either the "wind cart" itself or someone who sails it. Refers to a wind driven go-cart.
Land Yacht - Similar to a Land Sailor but with a "hull" or body of wood, molded fiberglass or a light skin of aluminum. Usually longer and wider than a Land Sailor.
Ice Sailor or Ice Yacht - The same as above only the wheels are replaced with blades for ice sailing.
Pilot - The driver of the craft.
Mains'l - The main sail or generally the only sail on a land or ice sailor
Main Sheet - Ropes that control the sails on sail boats are called "sheets" while the ropes that moor or secure the boat to the key or a buoy are called "warps". No need for warps on Land Sailors. So the Main Sheet is the rope that controls the sail.
Shooting the Breeze - What those people do who are standing around and not doing anything.
Getting Underway - getting moving.
Coming About - When the pilot wants to change direction and has to turn into the wind to get the wind to fill the sail from the other direction.
Jibing - When the wind is coming from behind and you want to move the sail from one side of the craft to the other. Can be dangerous in a strong wind.
Jibing - Poking fun at the competition.
Stealing the Wind - What you do when you come along side someone else on the up windward side and take their wind by getting in the way of it.
Windward - up wind.
Port - Left
Starboard - Right
Balloon Tires - Wheels with large, wide tires that work better than thin ones on softer surfaces such as beaches and some desert areas.
Blow cart, Dirt sailor, Dirt boat. Wind boat, Wind cart, Wind Sailor - all other names for a Land Sailor.
Old Salt - Usually salt that had gotten damp and won't come out of the shaker. Any local fast food joint will have some fresh packets.

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