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Locations to use your Land Sailor

Wind Chaser on the dry lake bed

Beaches, dry lake beds, open playing fields all make good places to sail the Wind Chaser® .


Where to sail your land sailor

"Pilots" sail and race their land sailor and land yachts all over the world especially in England, Belgium and France. But the US and Australia also have a long history of wind powered vehicles and provide marvelous spots for this eco-sport.

Type of Locations:

Land sailing works best in windy, flat areas - taking place mainly on sandy beaches at low tide, air fields, and dry lake beds (playas) in desert regions and salt flats. But any hard or firm, fairly even surfaced, wide open area will do. Areas with asphalt or cement surfaces, football fields before or after play, open flat grassy areas.

In the US we sail mostly on dry lakes in Southeastern California, Nevada and southeastern Oregon. These playas are some of the best land sailing venues in the world, combining an excellent sailing surface and a reasonable proximity to civilization.

In Europe and New Zealand they sail on beaches. In Australia they sail on both playas and beaches. In the US we do not sail on salt because, with the exception of Bonniville, it tends to be soft and muddy. Bonniville has harder salt but it has to be rolled to make it smooth enough. Some places not to sail are roads (even without cars, they are too narrow), parking lots full of cars (for obvious reasons), and beaches with people, pets or cars on them (it is too easy to run into someone).

Places to Sail:

El Mirage Dry Lake - Northwest of Victorville, California

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Where to sail your land sailor?

A great recreation opportunity for the whole family.

Ivanpah Dry Lake - South of Primm, Nevada

Superior Dry Lake - North of Barstow, California

Alvord Dry Lake - South Eastern Oregon

Washaway Beach - Grayland, WA

Sunset Beach - Oregon

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