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The Specifications of the Wind Chaser™

Wind Chaser

The Wind Chaser® fully assembled and ready to go.

Wind Chaser in 4 bags

The Wind Chaser® breaks down and stores in 4 custom designed bags that are easy to carry and to transport.


Specifications for our Wind Sailor Land Sailor

These are the specifications for the Wind Chaser® land sailor showing its size, weight, sail area and dimensions assembled and when it is not assembled but stowed in its carrying bags.


59" (144.9cm)

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How to Assemble Wind Chaser®


66" (167.6cm) Rear wheel to rear wheel.


14' - 4 1/2"" with standard sail


3' - 2" x 2' - 0" x 1' - 0"

Sail Area:

35.6 sq ft
(3.3 sq meters)

Tire Sizes:-

Rear Wheels:

20" x 2 1/4"

Front Wheels:

12" x 1 1/4"

Assembled Weight:

54 lbs
(24.47 kg)

maximum load capacity

225 lbs (102 kg)



The Wind Chaser® package consists of the "body", two rear wheel assemblies with two "box" pipe axles, the front wheel and steering assembly with front brake, the mast support as part of the front wheel assembly, the mast which consists of 4 parts, the sail and its boom, the "main sheet" or sail control rope and the attached seat belt which is secured to the "body". Safety fasteners for keeping the various parts securely in place and a hex key are also provided.

There are options such as balloon wheels, larger and smaller sails for different wind conditions and ice blades for winter ice sailing. All can be purchased from our BUY Now >> page.

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